Omnivolt Premium Plus package

A solar solution for large households or small businesses that includes 18 x 550 W solar panels with 10 kWp generation capacity, a 16 kW 3-phase inverter, a 16 kWh battery, installation and a 10-year warranty.

R5 737*


R316 000


Up to 8 hours of backup electricity.

Run your CCTV, 2 TVs, computer and Wi-Fi, 2 fridges, 20 LED lights, kettle (10 minutes), microwave (20 minutes) and washing machine (1 cycle) during a power outage.

Save between R2945 and R4743 per month on your electricity bill.*

Break even in six years.

Full ownership of your system once it is paid off.

Savings on electricity will generate R325 000 profit over 10 years.

Top-quality energy solutions

Enjoy peace of mind with top brands from trusted suppliers, installation by bank-approved installers and a 10-year warranty on all products.

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